Violent Crimes

When a person is accused of a crime of violence in Texas, he or she is much more likely to face possible imprisonment because such crimes threaten public safety. People may be charged with violent crimes for causing bodily harm to another person or even threatening to cause bodily harm.

Convictions for crimes of violence not only involve lengthy prison sentences and enormous fines, but also cause several other long-term consequences for individuals because having a violent crime appear on a routine background check can cause problems for employment, housing, or other applications. It is important for any person who has been accused of a violent crime to understand that Texas does recognize a number of affirmative defenses (facts that mitigate or justify otherwise unlawful conduct) against criminal charges for alleged crimes of violence.

Lawyer for Violent Crimes Arrests in Brownsville, TX

If you were arrested for a crime of violence in South Texas, it is in your best interest to immediately retain legal counsel. The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. aggressively defends clients accused of violent crimes in communities throughout Hidalgo County, Willacy County, and Cameron County.

Jonathan Gracia is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Brownsville who has handled these types of cases on both sides of the aisle because of his prior role as an Assistant District Attorney for the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office.

You can have our lawyer provide a complete evaluation of your case when you call 956-504-2211 to receive a free, confidential consultation.

Overview of Violent Crimes in Cameron County

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Types of Violent Crimes in Texas

Many kinds of “offenses against the person” are established under Title 5 of the Texas Penal Code. Some of the most common charges for violent crimes that The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. handles include, but are not limited to:

  • Kidnapping; and
  • False Imprisonment.

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Brownsville Violent Crime Defenses

While Title 5 of the Texas Penal Code identifies a number of crimes of violence, Chapter 9 of Title 2 the Texas Penal Code (justification excluding criminal responsibility) provides several different defenses against such charges. Depending on the alleged violation, a person may be able to use an affirmative defense (a legal claim that, if proven by the alleged offender, possibly justifies otherwise unlawful conduct and mitigates or negates the legal consequences).

Some of the possible defenses against crimes of violence under Chapter 9 include:

  • Self-defense;
  • Deadly force in defense of person;
  • Defense of third person;
  • Protection of life or health;
  • Protection of one’s own property;
  • Deadly force to protect property;
  • Protection of a third person’s property;
  • Necessity;
  • Public duty;
  • Use of a device to protect property; or
  • The use of force—but not deadly force—in parent-child, educator-student, or guardian-incompetent relationship.

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Violent Crime Resources in Cameron County

Crime Victims | Cameron County District Attorney — Visit this section of the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office website to learn more about the Victims’ Assistance Program. You can find information about benefits and services provided to victims. You can also learn more about who is eligible and which crimes are covered.

Cameron County District Attorney’s Office
964 E. Harrison St.
Brownsville, TX 78520
(956) 544-0849

Crime Victims’ Compensation | Texas Attorney General — The passage of the Crime Victims’ Compensation Act in 1979 created the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund and the Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Program. The primary purpose of the Compensation to Victims of Fund is “encouraging greater victim participation in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals and reimbursing innocent victims for certain out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of violent crime.” The CVC Program is administered by the Office of the Attorney General, and claims may be approved for benefits up to a total of $50,000—although individuals who suffer total and permanent disability as a result of a violent crime may qualify for an additional $75,000.

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The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. | Brownsville Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

Were you arrested or do you think that you might be under investigation in the Rio Grande Valley area for an alleged crime of violence? Do not say anything to authorities without legal representation. Contact The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. right away.

Brownsville criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Gracia represents individuals in Cameron County, Hidalgo County, and Willacy County. Call 956-504-2211 or fill out an online contact form to have our attorney review your case and help you understand all of your legal options during a free initial consultation.

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