Yanira Pena-Valdez joined The Gracia Law Firm in June 2017. Yanira is licensed as a Notary Public in the State of Texas and has eleven years of experience in the legal field. In the Law Firm she focuses primarily on criminal law and assists with all the aspects of the firm’s needs. She works closely with clients, starting with the initial interview during the hiring process until the disposal of the cases. She assists the attorney with motion filings and pleadings, organizing and coordinating the attorney’s agendas, and keeping the clients updated with progress of their cases. Yanira Pena-Valdez

Yanira’s enthusiasm, charm, and great customer service allows her to establish a friendly communication not only with new and existing clients, but with the Court’s staff members as well. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Yanira is a Christian who enjoys spending all her time with her family.