Types of Adoption

Adoption is a wonderful way for new families to ensure that a child will have a loving, nurturing home. However, the adoption process can be complex. This is why it’s important to seek the legal representation of an adoption attorney in Texas.

Adopting a child is one of the happiest and most rewarding moments a person can experience. If you are seeking to adopt a child in the state of Texas, contact our firm. Do not let the process intimidate you. At The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. , we provide skilled legal counsel to parents in all varieties of adoptions in Brownsville.

Texas Adoption Attorney in Cameron County

Assisting clients throughout the adoption process is one of the most rewarding parts of being a family lawyer. The joy of bringing a loving family and child together through adoption is unmatched. Although the journey is an exciting one, the legal process can often be difficult and a bit stressful. This is where the legal team at The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. steps in.

If you are seeking to adopt in the Brownsville, TX area or any surrounding city including Houston, Harlingen, or San Benito, call 956-504-2211 today. Our adoption attorneys also help families in Cameron County and surrounding counties including Hidalgo County and Willacy County. We are committed to ensuring the adoption process is as seamless as possible for you and your family.

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How to Adopt a Child in Texas

The state of Texas completes some of the highest numbers of adoptions each year.  Each state has different requirements for those wishing to adopt. The Department of Family and Protective Services in Texas states that prospective adoptive parents can be either single or married and must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Financially stable and responsible mature adults
  • Complete an application to adopt
  • Share information regarding their background and lifestyle,
  • Provide relative and non-relative references
  • Show proof of marriage and/or divorce (if applicable)
  • Agree to a home study which includes visits with all household members
  • Submit a criminal history background check and an abuse/neglect check on all adults in the household
  • Attend free training to learn about issues of abused and neglected children

The free training provides an opportunity for the family and the Department of Family and Protective Services to assess whether foster care or adoption is best for the family. The meetings are withdrawable, and they are free of charge. In addition to the basic requirements, foster parents must also:

  • Have adequate sleeping space
  • Allow no more than 6 children in the home including your own children or children for whom you provide day care
  • Agree to a nonphysical discipline policy
  • Permit fire, health and safety inspections of the home
  • Vaccinate all pets
  • Obtain and maintain CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Obtain TB testing as required by the local Health Department for household members
  • Attend 20 hours or more of training each year

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Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights in Texas

The court may order termination of the parent-child relationship if the court finds that the parent has voluntarily left the child alone or in the possession of another person. Another ground for termination of parental rights includes leaving the child alone for at least 3 months without providing for the child’s basic needs. Additional grounds for termination of parental rights in Texas include:

  • Allowing the child to remain in conditions or surroundings which endanger the physical or emotional well-being of the child
  • Failing to support the child in accordance with the parent’s ability during a period of one year ending within six months of the date of the filing of the petition
  • Abandoning the child without identifying the child or furnishing means of identification, and the child’s identity cannot be ascertained by the exercise of reasonable diligence;
  • Voluntarily abandoning the mother of the child beginning at a time during her pregnancy with the child and continuing through the birth
  • Being convicted of any of the following crimes that caused the death or serious injury of a child:
  • Murder or manslaughter
  • Assault, sexual assault, aggravated assault, or aggravated sexual assault
  • Injury to a child or abandoning or endangering a child
  • Indecency with a child or prohibited sexual conduct
  • Sexual performance by a child or possession or promotion of child pornography
  • Continuous sexual abuse of a young child

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Different Types of Adoption in Texas

Several types of adoption are available to those who wish to expand their family in Texas. These include domestic adoption, independent adoption, foster care adoption and international adoption. Listed below are some details about each type of adoption available in Texas.

Domestic adoption: Domestic adoption occurs when the birth mother voluntarily and permanently chooses the child’s parents and future family. This process is typically completed independently or through an agency that can connect the birth mother with families desiring to adopt.

Foster care adoption: Foster care adoption occurs when a child’s biological parent’s rights have been terminated by court. In other words, the foster care system is a temporary arrangement in which adults provide for the care of a child or children whose birthparent is unable to care for them. Foster care can be informal or arranged through the courts or a social service agency.

International adoption: International adoption is the placement of a child from another
country with a family from the United States. The process of adopting a child from another country varies since it is governed by the laws of United States and the country where the child was born.

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Additional Resources

Adoption Choice of Texas –  Visit the Adoption Choice of Texas webpage to view several resources on adoption. The organization is licensed by the State of Texas to provide professional, full-service adoption assistance statewide. Their mission is to provide the highest level of service, compassion, and support throughout the adoption process.

National Council for Adoption – The National Council For Adoption is the leading expert on adoption issues. They hold over 40 years of adoption expertise. Visit the webpage to view resources and learn how every child can thrive in a nurturing family.

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Texas Adoption Attorney in Brownsville

Adopting a child can give him or her the lifetime gift of love and family. Regardless of the type of adoption you and your family choose, you will need an experienced adoption attorney in Texas. At The Gracia Law Firm, P.C. , we will make sure your adoption goes. Our attorneys will help you embark on this new chapter in your life.

If are considering growing your family through adoption, contact our Brownsville family law attorneys. We represent clients in Cameron County, Willacy County, and Hidalgo County. Our team also serves the Brownsville area and surrounding cities including Houston, San Benito and Harlingen among others. Call us today at 956-504-2211 to schedule a free and initial consultation.

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